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Ergonomic anti-fatigue mat 1200×900

Know what quality interlocking tiles you are purchasing

These mats have a unique bubble surface design, reducing fatigue from standing.
Ergonomically designed to stimulate blood flow to combat fatigue and provide the ultimate comfort and portability for any area where standing is required.


Ergnomic Anti-fatigue Rubber Mat

Thickness (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)



Upper side round studs and sloping edges

Workplace mats are ideal for areas where work is done standing in one place for extended periods of time, like production, packaging and assembly. 

The mats are anti-slip, anti-fatigue and have shock and sound absorbing properties. The beveled edges provide additional security to avoid tripping.

Applications, Products and Services

Plastige Interlocking Tile Product Range

Plastige Interlocking Tile Product Range

Plastige interlocking tile product range is versatile, durable and easy to install.

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Sport Facilities

Sport Facilities

Easy to install and versatile interlocking raised medallion tile provides an ideal floor surface for sporting facilities, like gyms, that require safety, durability and low maintenance finishes.

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Flooring for your garage

Flooring for your garage

Affordable, durable, versatile and low maintenance. Convenient and easy to install providing an ideal surface for your garage floor.

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Entrance matting systems

Entrance matting systems

Protect your internal floor with our heavy-duty, locally manufactured, superior quality entrance tiles.
We offer a range of locally produced entrance solutions available in PVC Tiles for interior and exterior functionality.

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