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Plastige Maximus Track

Know what quality interlocking tiles you are purchasing

Plastige Maximus Track is a modular interlocking walk-off matting system, with a dual combination of PVC and carpet inserts, providing an efficient scraping and dirt depositing function. Locally manufactured.


Interlocking Flexible PVC entrance tile with woven or needle punch carpet inserts to keep internal flooring clean form dirt and excess debris.

Effectively scrapes dirt and wipes moisture. Move, clean, or replace tiles with ease.




Indoor and covered outdoor areas (Zone 2)

Product Height (mm)



Daily footfall of 2000 or more

Roll-over and drive-over capability:


Wheelchairs, Prams, Shopping trolleys, hand trolleys,

cars, pallet trucks


Anthracite, Blue, Brown, Grey, Red


PVC male/female Inter-lock mechanism

Recommended max. width/profile length

for each individual section (mm):


Recommended depth/walking depth

for individual units (mm):



Weight (kg/m²)




Ideal and functional entrance matting solution into commercial areas with high foot traffic areas as both a dirt capturing and non-slip walk-off mat

We offer a range of locally produced entrance solutions available in PVC Tiles for interior and exterior functionality. Our product combines style and delivers heavy-duty wear resistance, for busy entrance areas subjected to high volumes of pedestrian footfall and wheeled traffic.

The Advantages of buying a Locally manufactured product:

  • Product Availability - no need to wait for containers to be shipped from exporters.
  • Products are suitable for South African conditions - made in SA for SA.
  • Value for Money - consistent and affordable prices 

Applications, Products and Services

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Printed & Branded Floor tiles

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Entrance matting systems

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We offer a range of locally produced entrance solutions available in PVC Tiles for interior and exterior functionality.

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Sport Facilities

Sport Facilities

Easy to install and versatile interlocking raised medallion tile provides an ideal floor surface for sporting facilities, like gyms, that require safety, durability and low maintenance finishes.

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